10 Signs Your Computer Has A Virus😰

10 Signs Your Computer Has A Virus

We can say a computer virus is software application which can perform many tasks itself..
it can be loaded with so many hacking tools like stealing your private stuff like photos, videos etc. as well as many viruses which can wipe your pc without your knowledge.
Not all computer viruses are destructive though.

Here are 10 signs of virus behavior your computer might be affected

1. The computer is running very slow, lagging
 and taking much more time to open a program.

2. Nothing happen when you click on any program icon or your application didn't respond properly.
3.The computer freezes, frequently restarting for no reason
4. Your antivirus security program and firewall is suspended.
5. You cant access your hard drives or opening very slow.

6. An Unnecessary advertise popup is opening.
7. You have major problems trying to install or download an antivirus software or any other software.
8. Your computer unable to print a document..

9. Your pc have suddenly lost the icon on the desktop.

10. You start seeing popup windows stating you have a virus or your computer is infected with a virus..

Solution: Download a Good Antivirus and install,run a full pc scan.
If you are unable to download then try to install it from a USB pen drive or a CD/DVD.

Note: Never install a cracked version of any antivirus.

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