Geo-targeting: What Is Geo-targeting?

Geo-targeting: What Is Geotargeting?

Every visitor’s computer is tied up with an IP address that indicates its specific location. 
The first three number of an IP address Identifies the specific country/region code, and rest of the succeeding digits refers to specific areas within that domain. 
This geographical information, when used for marketing purposes, is named geo-targeting.
Geo-targeting aims to enhance the cost-effectiveness of selling programs. 

For example, if the merchandise may be an airplane ticket from Honolulu to Vancouver, then it'll more likely to sell to someone who is found in either of the 2 cities.
If a visitor is during a different city, then a special set of offers could also be given.

The system is not 100 percent accurate. 
Inaccuracies happen when web surfers use proxy servers or another IP-masking tool, among other methods. 
Well, these elements are rare enough but still be effective for Geo-targeting.
Geo-targeting is out there to even small advertisers via outlets like Google Adwords.

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How to Use Geo-Targeting through Social to Find Your Audience:-

If you are very active on social media and staying consistent on social, sharing valuable content on the platform really helps build up your fans and followers, This will also increase your small business brand recognition.
But how do you know if the content you’re sending out is reaching the right audience?
Well, it’s all about location, location, location!

How does Geo-targeting work on social?

On social channels like Facebook and Twitter, posts and promoted ads you send can reach an audience by:

1. IP Address: This is where the user logs in from.
2. Recorded Address: the present address and city/state they need to be listed.

The social networks do this without you having to do a thing. At the time of posting, you've got a variety of the way to the segment including:
  • Country
  • State/Province
  • City
  • ZIP Code
  • You can target even more specifically within your required locations, including:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Interests
  • Connections
I hope this info is useful for you regarding Geo-Targeting,
If you have any kind of questions 
kindly let me know in the comments section.

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