How To Add Subtitle File To VLC Media Player

How To Add Subtitle File To VLC Media Player

Do you love to watch movies on PC more than anything?
Do you wish to watch movies in languages that you simply don't understand?
However, you're unable to know the movie because it doesn't have subtitles?

When it involves watching videos or taking note of music on your computer or over an online stream, there's no better option than VLC, the open-source video platform that makes it easy to playback any file type you would possibly have saved on your device.
This software called VLC media player supports almost every operating system like windows, mac,
if we talk about the mobile phones it supports android as well as iOS.

As a multimedia player and platform, VLC is in a position to read almost any video or audio file, and may even playback content from DVDs, CDs, and online streaming platforms with a compatible URL.

Subtitles are useful for several things including understanding foreign-language movies, adding clarity to muffled speech or for adding dramatic or comedic effect. Adding them to the VLC media player is simple.

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Add subtitles in VLC media player

If you love to watch foreign movies and TV shows, there are subtitles also available.
Fortunately, third party websites offer downloadable subtitle files that you simply can add to VLC.
I know two of them are Subscene and Open subtitles.

 Find your subtitle file

Go to the folder during which your subtitle file is stored.
The file is probably in the Downloads folder if you downloaded it from online.
Copy the subtitle file.

Go to the video's location

Open the folder during which the video you would like to subtitle is found.
Paste in the subtitle file.
Copy the video's name and rename the subtitle file to match the video's exact name:
For Example, see picture

Now open that video with VLC media player and click Subtitle

Import the subtitle file if necessary

If VLC has trouble finding or displaying the subtitle file, you'll import it into your VLC session by doing the following:
  • Click Subtitle.
  • Click Add Subtitle File... in the drop-down menu.
  • Select your subtitle file.

That's all,
I hope it will help you...

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