How To Open Or Run EXE Files On Android

How To Open Or Run EXE Files On Android

What is an EXE?

EXE file
is an executable file format that's compatible with Windows OS. 
While opening these sorts of data, several programs or codes execute on the system, also might install some files.
Usually, setup files for computer programs are available in this format, and you'll easily install the whole package by opening the file.
As they run only on specific Operating Systems, other platforms like Android and Linux won't recognize the files natively.

Ok, move on...
So here are these 3 methods which you can try to open .EXE files on your Android.

1. Use DOSBox Emulator for Android to run .EXE file

The DOS Operating System running DOSBox Emulators are most helpful in running Windows or MS-DOS compatible files over cross-platform. 
You can avail of several packages from the Google Play Store that runs the DOS Emulator.
Here we use a free app named FreeBox.
Download and install a FreeBox on your Android smartphone/tablet.

While opening the app, you'll see the DOS with the Command-line interface.
The default C Drive is about as /storage/emulated/0/Download, which the standard Downloads folder in your Internal Storage.

Download or copy the EXE file to your smartphone’s Downloads folder that you simply wish to open.
Rename the package to something easier — for exp filename.exe.
If you would like to vary the directory, enter cd [directory-address] on the instruction.
Enter the file name of the executable file you copied within the currently navigated folder. Followingly hit enter on your Android keyboard.

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You can see the DOSBox install the appliance package or game on your device.
After finishing, you can open the app.
Please note that not every EXE file will add this method. 
Only a couple of application software is compatible with the DOSBox Emulators.
You may call it the EXE file opener.

2. By using WINE

What Is Wine?

Often mistakenly described as an “emulator”, Wine (a recursive acronym that stands for Wine isn't an Emulator) is actually a compatibility layer. 
This is a software library that creates Linux, macOS and BSD capable of running Windows application.
Although some emulation is involved (specifically, the Windows runtime environment), Wine does not emulate an operating system.
Over the years, Wine has become increasingly popular as how to run Windows software on other platforms.

How to Install Wine on Android?

Before installing Wine on your Android device, you’ll get to make sure you can install APKs.
Typically, the power to put in software on your phone or tablet is restricted to any source beyond the Google Play Store by default. 
You can enable this just to open your mobile main Settings followed by Security and tap on the Unknown sources. 
Click OK to confirm the action.

Download: Click here to Download WINE(Free)

Exploring Wine on Android

When the software environment launches, you’ll find a typical Windows 7-style Start menu (with Wine logo), and an instruction box.
To interact with Wine, you’ll need a keyboard (and maybe a mouse) attached to your Android device.
Meanwhile, you can tap the Start button to find two menus.
First is Control Panel, with sub-menus Add/Remove Programs, Game Controllers, and internet Settings. 
The second is Run…

Installing Software in Wine

To get something running in Wine, you’ll first got to download the appliance (or sync via the cloud) to your Android device. Save it during a memorable location, then navigate thereto within the Wine prompt window.
For instance, if I downloaded a Windows executable file EXE to my Android tablet, 
I’d save it to the Download folder.
This can be reached in the command line with
cd sdcard/Download/[filename.exe]
To run the enter Wine for Android, simply input the name of the EXE file.

3. Using Inno Setup Extractor

 You can open an EXE file on your android mobile by simply downloading the Inno Setup Extractor.
Just download and install Inno Setup Extractor from the Google Play Store

To Download Apk Click Here

Copy the exe file to the internal storage or the MicroSD card used on your android device
You can use a file browser which is inbuilt in your phone to open them with Inno Setup Extractor.

Well, the short answer is that you simply can open exe files on Android but…well
there is always a but in cases like these, unfortunately.
You can only open certain exe files on Android devices which too with extremely limited usage. 

Few advanced users like gamers and people who want to use an old application can actually use the feature to run a few applications and old games with limited controls on Android.
However, in the grand scheme of things, you just can’t randomly drop a full video game on your Android device and start playing. 

If you're here because you wanted to play Half-Life or Counter-Strike on your Android device, this text will certainly disappoint you.
But if you are insistent on making old-school games working via emulation, you can achieve that too.

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