Top 6 Best Free Antivirus Software of 2020

Top 6 Best Free Antivirus Software of 2020

A good Antivirus program is important to a secure system, and you most definitely don't need to buy one to urge great protection.
Below is our hand-picked list of the 6 best free antivirus programs that you can download for Windows today.
All of those programs perform good definition updates automatically, are always running to form sure your files are shielded from malware and your personal information remains private and may start scans on-demand whenever you like.
However, each of them does have a few major differences that make them stand out, so pay attention to those as you decide which one to use.

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is Trusted by many people and ranks high in nearly every "best list" of antivirus programs, and permanently reason.
If you really want a program that is pretty sure to block new threats but is still easy enough to customize, you should consider using it.
Avast Free Antivirus is similar to Avira, supplemental modules enhance the virus shield and provide additional services related to security and privacy.
The antivirus portion has lots of options you can change but it's still easy enough for anyone to use since there are information blurbs next to most items so you're not left wondering what will happen if you enable them.

Here are a few features of Avast antivirus listed below:👇

  • Scheduled scans.
  • Custom scans that can check only the memory, rootkits, auto-start programs, etc.
  • Checking all files or just certain file extensions
  • Identifying files by their content rather than their suffix.
  • Fine-tuned heuristics sensitivity.
  • Scanning for potentially unwanted programs
  • Follows shortcuts to scan the real file.
  • Can scan within lots of archive file formats like self-extracting DOS and Win32 executables, CHM, ACE, 7Z, RAR, TNEF streams, Mac archives, ISO, and more.
  • Windows Explorer context menu integration
  • Folders, HDDs, and URLs (but not specific files) can be excluded in advance from scans.
  • Custom scans are easy to save for use in the future
  • A Rescue Disk utility allows you to use the Avast scanner albeit you cannot start your computer.
  • Particular areas of the program can be protected with a password.
  • Enable Do Not Disturb Mode to deny notifications from other apps while you're using one in full-screen mode.

2. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG's free antivirus program is easy on the eyes and even easier to use.
The scan button is right in the middle of the screen, turning features off is dead-simple, and all the advanced options are tucked away from view in the settings.
Like most antivirus tools, this one lets you schedule scans, check for threats in archives, remove viruses right when they're found, scan USB drives, exclude files/folders/websites from scans, and run boot-time scans.

AVG Antivirus Free is highly customizable. You can either install it and leave the settings alone to have regular protection, or go into the settings and make adjustments to nearly anything.
Choose how to scan files— include only content that might include malware (like executable data), only files that use a file extension considered potentially dangerous (like EXE), or all files regardless of content type or file extension.
Enable rootkit detection, hardcore mode, and Cyber Capture technology, which helps detect threats in unrecognized files.
During setup, you have full control over which components should be enabled or disabled after AVG is installed.
Options include File Shield, Behavior Shield, Web Shield, Email Shield, SafePrice browser extension, File Shredder, Cleanup, and Do Not Disturb Mode.
AVG Antivirus Free includes a file shredder tool as well, which you can use from the right-click context menu to overwrite files using the Random Data, Gutmann, or DoD 5220.22-M data destruction method.
Windows 10, 8, and 7 are supported. It also runs on Mac (10.1 or above) and Android.

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3. Kaspersky 2020 Antivirus Protection

This Kaspersky antivirus is a scanning engine much more powerful as it starts mix scanning of known malware, "heuristic" monitoring is here to quickly spot any suspicious behavior and artificial intelligence analysis within the security network labs.

The company sends malware-definition updates to its 400 million users several times each day.
Kaspersky's Application Control can set restrictions in order that only trusted programs run. Meanwhile, almost every element has three levels of scan intensity. 

It has Gaming mode works with games as well as movies and even large Excel spreadsheets.
The System Watcher keeps an eye fixed out for the primary signs of a ransomware attack.
If all else fails, Kaspersky's Rescue Disk can restart the system from a USB flash drive and take away any residual infections, but you will need to download the software to create it separately.

Kaspersky antivirus applications offer a very large number of useful features at a very affordable price.
Even you are using the basic version of it, it can now block the phishing URLs that use URL shortened service..
Kaspersky Internet Security protects phones, tablets, and Macs.
It has the basic parental controls service and a two-way firewall that protect us against webcam hijackings.

4. Norton 360 antivirus

All Norton 360 programs include a powerful amount of additional security tools.
These include a password manager, a private firewall, webcam monitoring, and online backup storage. 
Storage starts with 10GB of space with Norton 360 Standard and rising to 100GB with Norton 360 Select.
And you now have the option to include an account with LifeLock that will monitor your identity and notify you if it is stolen or used in any way.

The firewall monitors your network and everything communicating with your computer through your internet connection.
Usually, your home service is pretty secure, but having a firewall on when connected to a public hotspot is essential since this is where a lot of dangerous communication tends to happen.
But it's helpful to watch your personal connection, too, since nobody security measure or program is infallible.

Norton now owns LifeLock and offers a fraud monitoring accounts with a number of its Norton 360 programs, otherwise, you can buy it separately if you select an antivirus program that doesn't offer it as part of its package.
While this is an additional cost, I highly recommend it as an extra layer of protection. Having personally used LifeLock to monitor my identity, I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a professional looking out for my personal information.

5. ESET 2020 antivirus

ESET's antivirus and security suites quickly buzz through a computer trying to find threats while only slightly slowing system performance.
But on the downside, ESET's malware protection isn't as strong as a number of the simplest antivirus programs.

This antivirus can block phishing attempts like others are doing and stop advanced exploits and ransomware as well as malware. 
It lacks some extra features that antivirus makers often add to entice customers, such as a virtual private network (VPN) or a file shredder. 
And if you've tons of computer reception, ESET's granular system — no bundles, few discounts — means it can get expensive quickly.

Apart from this if you are in search of the strongest malware protection then you must consider Kaspersky Total Security or Norton 360 Deluxe.
Kaspersky's scanning is heavy, but it offers most of the extras you'd want.
Norton has the option to add LifeLock identity protection.
If you're on a budget, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus gives you good protection with many extra features.
ESET's traditional malware scanner looks for known threats, and its heuristic monitoring watches for strange behavior, like unexpected changes to files. 

Anything suspicious is uploaded to the company's online lab for further analysis.
Features of ESET antivirus called HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Protection System) can block fileless malware very strongly.
Meanwhile, the program's Script Scanner works with Microsoft's Anti-Malware Scan Interface (AMSI) to sniff out hidden scripts. 
The level of protection can be adjusted with a series of on-off switches for defenses like the memory and exploit scanners.
ESET's anti-malware technology, which is employed altogether its Windows antivirus programs, doesn't do also like other brands in lab tests.
ESET stopped a mean of 98.4% of malware altogether 2019 tests conducted by Austrian lab AV-Comparatives. 
Every other Windows antivirus program we review, including the built-in Microsoft Windows Defender, did better. ESET's 2018 numbers were a touch better, but still, put it near the rear of the pack.

6. F-Secure 2020 Antivirus

F-Secure SAFE is the antivirus you may consider to be a more capable package it can lead you to URL filtering, putting few extra layers of ransomware and banking protection, simple parental controls.
That's excellent news, but it's still missing a number of the features you would possibly expect from an online security suite, like a firewall or a spam filter.
F-Secure made average use of system resources, grabbing around 500MB of space for storing, and adding six background processes to our PC. 

We didn't notice any unusual impact on our system performance, though, and this is often broadly confirmed by testing.
F-Secure isn't only securing your entire pc but protecting its core processes, services and drivers. 
We were ready to delete enough important files to disable the appliance interface, though, including some notifications. 
This problem would be very obvious to any user - F-Secure displayed a few of error messages when our system rebooted, as an example, and that we couldn't open its main console - and our protection didn't seem to be compromised, so this wasn't a complete disaster.

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