What is Hard Disk Drive(HDD)?

What is Hard Disk Drive(HDD)?
A computer hard disc drive (HDD) is a hardware storage device that controls the positioning, reading, writing, and storing data.
Hard disk drives are commonly used because of the main memory device during a computer.
HDDs often store OS, software programs and other files, and may be found in desktop computers, mobile devices, consumer electronics, and enterprise storage arrays in data centers.

A hard disc drive -- often shortened to disk drive -- and hard disc aren't equivalent things, but they're packaged as a unit and either term can ask the entire unit.
In a computer, an HDD is usually found within the drive bay and is connected to the motherboard via an ATA, SATA, or SCSI cable.
The HDD is additionally connected to an influence supply unit and may keep stored data while powered down.

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Internal hard disks
reside during a drive bay, connected to the motherboard using an ATA, SCSI, or SATA cable.
They're powered by a connection to the computer's PSU (power supply unit).

Why We need a Hrad drive?

A computer requires an OS to permit users to interact with and use it.
The OS interprets keyboard and mouse movements and allows for the utilization of software, like an online browser, word processing system, and video games.
To install a computer OS, a tough drive (or another storage device) is required.
The memory device provides the data-storage medium where the OS is installed and stored.

Can a computer work without a tough drive?

Without a tough drive, a computer can activate and POST.
Depending on how the BIOS is configured, other bootable devices within the boot sequence also are checked for the required boot files.
For example, if the USB device is listed in your BIOS boot sequence, you'll boot from a bootable USB flash drive during a computer without a tough drive.
Hard Drive Components

As you can see in the above picture how many components are involved in the Hard Disk.
On the backside, the panel consists of a circuit called disk controller and this circuit will help the Hard disk drive to function.

May be You are confusing between "HARD DISK DRIVE" or "HARD DRIVE"

Both "hard disk drive" and "hard drive" are correct and mean an equivalent thing.
However, we recommend using the term "hard drive" in your writing or when describing a tough drive.
The term "hard drive" helps to differentiate it from an SSD (solid-state drive), which contains no platters, disk-shaped components, or moving parts.

How The hard disc Drives Work?

Actually, the files on the disk drive are all scattered on the platter in sectors and tracks.
(Tracks are concentric circles, and therefore the pie-shaped wedges present on each track are called sectors.) 
Also, the info flow control from and into the disk drive is controlled by the OS.
It decides how the components need to move within the drive to perform a selected operation and relies on the control to implement it by controlling the hardware.

Initially, the OS supported its analysis over the hard drives File Allocation Table (FAT) communicates with the control.
The read (or) write head present on the arm has got to move onto different sectors to see for required files or areas available for storage.
And this movement of the arm is taken care of by the control supported the instructions the OS provides it.
All of the knowledge is then stored or written magnetically.
For instance, if the pc plans to read information present within the disk drive, it considers the magnetic polarities on the platter.
These magnetic polarities are interpreted as 1’s and 0’s and skim by the pc.

NOTE: you'll open a defunct hard disc Drive to know the working far better.
But remember that if you open the casing of a working hard disc Drive then it won’t work subsequent time you connect it to the pc.

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