How To Make Bootable Windows DVD? With Power ISO

How To Make a Bootable Windows DVD? With Power ISO

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Here we find out how to form a bootable Windows DVD?
So here is a tutorial to make a Bootable DVD
Please Follow the Steps..

Here is the Exp. of Windows 10.

Step 1- Go to the folder where is your windows 10 files located in your Computer..

Step 2- Now you have to download a Software called PowerISO.
Here is the link Given Below where you can download it..



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Step 3- Now install the Power ISO Software and open it..
Click on Add Button and copy all files of windows 10 to Power ISO.

Step 4-  Now Click on Action Button then click on Boot then Add boot information...

Step 5- Click on the file icon and locate the folder where you copied all windows 10 files.... \
Click on Boot Folder and choose the file named etfsboot or bootx64.efi and click on ok.

Almost Done!!
Now Insert a blank DVD to the DVD writer and click on burn...
wait for some time to finish the burn
That's it! Bootable DVD is ready...

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