Top 5 Android Apps Of 2020 Which Protects Your Phone From Criminals And Virus

Top 5 Android Apps Of 2020 Which Protects Your Phone From Criminals And Virus

Mobile security may be a major area of concern for private also as corporate users. Since Android powered phones occupy the most important share of the smartphone market, they're increasingly being targeted by hackers and cyber criminals. With this increase, there's an increased chance that you simply too will encounter malware. So, what can be done about it?

Apps to Protect From Hackers

 You can install some security apps available to stop malware from stealing your private information and causing data loss. Here are five such free apps to assist prevent malicious software from harming your Android smartphone:

1. Avast Free Mobile Security

 Free Avast mobile application offers anti-malware and anti-theft features.
If any malicious website is visited while surfing, Avast mobile security will warn the user.
This application also will identify potentially dangerous applications which will be installed on the Android device.
SMS and call filtering allows users to dam incoming messages and unwanted calls supported contacts and specific time of day that folks call.
Avast is understood for its firewall and enhanced anti-theft features.
You can fully scan your apps as well as SD card storage. The scans can take place manually or automatically.

2. AVG Mobile Anti-Virus Free

This helps to stop viruses and malware from infecting your phone.
This anti-malware software offers theft protection to guard against unexpected losses.
This app also offers track and control capability which will allow consumers to seek out their phones if they're separated from them.
The phone’s data can be locked or erased remotely.
Users can make calls, surf the online , download music and apps safely with the utilization of this security app.
The app will fully scans files, settings and web activity for any kind of  malware.
This Application will scan your SMS inbox additionally to protected against hackers and scammers.

3. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Security
will offer you free malware/spyware protection and backup for contacts.
This application can locate your stolen mobile or tablet in case of mobile theft.
If you will upgrade your account then you can access more features of it like App Privacy manager, image backup, remote locking and remote data erase.
Scans are often conducted on daily or weekly basis.
Data can also be protected on the Lookout servers.
Most users back up call history and pictures.
The most recent activity on the phone also can be seen.

4. Norton Mobile Security Lite

Norton Security Lite offers free virus protection for Android.
This app can lock and locate your mobile or tablet via Remote features.
Norton Mobile Security Lite offers browser protection, remote camera control and a foreign alarm .
If the phone is lost, the device data could also be erased remotely.
You can access the remote functionality by SMS text commands.
The application checks for virus database updates weekly, and it are often updated more or less frequently.
The focus of the appliance is to supply anti-malware and anti-theft services.
SIM cards aren't protected with this Android security application.

5. NQ Mobile Security

NQ Mobile Security is another free anti-malware application.
In this app You will find such great premium features such as firewall, contact backup and remote location functionality.
The traffic monitor tracks data usage.
An app optimizer ensures that applications are working at the phone's full capability.
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