Alternative Of TikTok, UC Browser And Share it | 59 Banned Chinese App List

Alternative Of TikTok, UC Browser And Share it | 59 Banned Chinese App List 

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In today's post,
I will tell you all the Alternative of TikTok, UC Browser, and Shareit.

As you all know that India's relationship with China is not better at this time and China's digital infiltration is increasing in our country, because of this, the Indian government has banned 59 of these applications from Android And iOS platform.
There have also been allegations of stealing India's user data through these Chinese applications.
It was too dangerous for us to use these Chinese applications in terms of security,

That is why I agree with the decision of the Government of India,
Well, we have been using these applications for years, that is why we have become Addictive to them, now that these applications have been banned, then users are getting a lot of problems.

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In this post, I will tell you the Alternative of these applications.
Let's talk about these applications

1. TikTok

First, let's talk about Tiktok.
Tiktok is on the first number because it allows anyone to be a creator, you won't believe TikTok has over half-billion of users worldwide,

In 2018 Tiktok was installed more than Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and in true cases is worth more than US $75 billion.
TikTok is basically a video creating application in which you can create and post any video of 15 seconds or less, like dancing, singing, acting, etc.

Let's talk about its (Tiktok) history, it started in 2014 with application.
You may remember that before Tiktok, applications were used.
This application was created by 2 Chinese people named Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang.

The application ( was later purchased by Beijing tech company ByteDance for US $1 billion.
Since then we all know it as Tiktok.
Currently, this application is banned in India.

Alternative Of TikTok

Because now Tiktok has been banned in India, now its users are also looking for a new platform, which is made in India,
So I am going to tell you about some applications that are made in India and you will be able to use all those features which were all in Tiktok,

A. Chingari

Let's start with Chingari, this application has been made by Indian developers, so it is completely Indian.
You can use it, it is completely safe.
Click here to download the Chingari or you can also download it from Google Play store.

B. Mitron TV - Indian Tiktok App

Friends, there is Mitro Tv application on the second number, this is the second Indian application that you can download, it is also completely safe.
In this, you will get almost all the features like Tiktok.
Click here to download it or you can also download it from Google Play Store.

2. UC Browser

UC Browser is a web browser that you will find on almost everyone's phone, from which you can Guess its popularity.
Because this browser has also been developed in China, that's why it has been banned in India as well.
UC Browser was created by mobile internet company UcWeb, which is another branch of Alibaba.
It was also the most popular browser for China, India, and Indonesia.
Talk about its download, it became the number 8 most downloaded mobile application in 2010-2019.

Alternative Of UC Browser

Talking about its Substitute, Google Chrome comes first, this is the web browser that people are giving more importance now.
There are two big reasons for this. 
First UC Browser has been banned in India and second it is Google's authorized web browser.

Apart from this, you can also use Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

3. Shareit

When Android came to the mobile market, only one application was used on everyone's phone to transfer files to mobile and that is Shareit.
Yes, before Android we always used Bluetooth for any file transfer such as MP3, videos.

Shareit was also very popular in India, if you have a mobile then it is necessary to have shareit. 
It had become a necessity for the people,
But this application was also made in China and was operated from the same, so it was also banned.

Alternative Of Shareit

By the way, the best option of shareit was Xender but due to being Chinese, it was also banned.
Right now you can consider the ShareKaro application, it is a completely Indian application and at the moment it has been installed by more than 1 crore people.

Click this to download it or you can also download it from the play store. 

List of 59 banned Chinese application

I hope you guys liked this post,
If you want any more information, then do tell me in the comment,
And do share this post with your friends so that those who do not know can get some help.

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