How To Do Blogspot SEO Settings? Indexing Crawling And Meta Tags

How To Do Blogspot SEO Settings? Indexing Crawling And Meta Tags

Friends, in this post, I will tell you today how you can do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) settings for your blogger and its post.
It is very important for us to do better SEO for our blogger( because if we do not set our blogger's SEO settings properly then our blog or website cannot be indexed in Google.
Due to this most of our blog traffic Could not come because of wrong SEO settings,
That's why we have to make our blog SEO compatible with our blogger's SEO settings as well as our blog posts,

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For Example, When we are writing our blog post on any topic. Then we have to take care of our keywords on the topic, such as the title of the post should be a bit good, the content should be a bit attractive to the readers.

Many times people create their own blog or website but they don't do SEO or do wrong SEO, because of this their traffic is reduced to a great extent or their blog is not visible in any search engine, that's why Today I will show you the complete SEO settings in Blogger so that with the help of this you can make your block also search engine compatible.
So let's start.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, although I have already written an article on this topic, if you want, you can read it by clicking to SEO Basics: A beginner Guide How SEO Works?

In short, words let me tell you that Search Engine Optimization is a term that ranks your posts in different search engines if you can say in words, "Before writing any post you have to choose the title of the post very carefully so that it ranks quickly in the search engine" and the contents of that post also have to be optimized properly.

Follow my given rules to do SEO settings in Blogger...

1. First, go to and login to your blog, then click on Settings.
it will open the Basics Setting by default.

Now Enter the title of your Blog(Should be interesting(2.))
On the (3.) Click to write your blog description, it will help you to index in Search engines.
For Exp: What kind of information or service you will give in this blog?

2. Then click on Search Preferences.

Now, this is the main Search Setting of your blog, do it very carefully because the wrong setting can lead to ignoring your blog by search engines.

A. Select Google Search Console and click on edit.

It will open a new window of Google webmasters.
if you have not any account on Google webmasters then Register on it and enter your website address.
It is very important to submit your blog in the Google search engine via Google webmasters.

B. Select Custom robots.txt and click on edit.

When you click on edit it will open a box now enter your robots.txt file information.
Get your robots.txt file info by entering your website/blog address/robots.txt
For exp:
Copy that info and paste in Custom robots.txt box.
It will help search engines to crawl your blog as well as posts...

C. Select Custom robots header tags and click on edit.

When you click on edit too many checkboxes will open

See the settings carefully and apply them on your blog to properly get indexed by all the search engines.

I hope you all have understood these settings very well,
I have explained to you in very simple language.
Still, if you have not understood anything, please comment and tell me, I will help you.

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