How To Submit Your Website or URL To Search Engine? | Yandex and Bing Search

How To Submit Your Website or URL To Search Engine? | Yandex and Bing Search

Hello friends, How to submit your website to various search engines?
This is the second post of this series, in the first post I told you how you can submit your website to Google search engine.
You can read by clicking here How To Submit Your Website/Blog into Google Search Engine?

Perhaps some of you may not know what are the benefits of submitting a website to search engines.
I had mentioned the advantages in my previous post but I will briefly explain a bit.

There are many benefits of submitting a website to search engines like:

  1. You can receive a huge amount of organic traffic through these search engines,
  2. This will help your website to rank in these search engines.
  3. Your website can get many peoples who will know about your website through a search engine.
  4. And you will also be able to generate good revenue through your website.
  5. Because of more traffic, you will be able to generate more leads.

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So these are advantages, now let's talk about how to do all this,
I have already talked to you on how to submit to the Google search engine?
In this post, I will tell you how you will be able to submit your website in Bing and Yandex search engine.

1. Submit Your Website in Bing Search Engine.

Like Google, Bing is a search engine that Microsoft runs.
Bing provides you many search services such as video, web, image, and map search.
Previously it used to be an MSN search. On May 28, 2009, it was converted to the Bing search engine by the CEO of Microsoft.

Follow the instructions to submit your website in bing

Go to the Bing Webmaster Tools

Sign in with your account or if you don't have any create a new one.
Enter your website address and click on ADD

If you have created Your website Sitemap, add your sitemap and click on ADD(if you don't know what is a sitemap or how to create a website sitemap click here to know).

Now you have to verify your website(there are many methods available you can choose one of them).

In my case, I am selecting verify through the <meta> tag.
Copy the Meta tag and paste it before the </head> tag and click save.

Click on Verify(Bing will verify your blog/website instantly)
If you found any error during this you can comment to get help

2. Submit Your Website in Search Engine.

Before submitting your website to Yandex, know a little about Yandex, whether the Yandex search engine is really helpful to us and how it will be helpful for our website.
Yandex is basically a Russian search engine and was launched in 2000.
Like Google and Bing, Yandex search is also a web search engine and is run by Russian corporation Yandex.
May 2010 Yandex launched, a beta program launched to improve the non-Russian language.
Since 2009, this search engine started supporting sitemap technology, which means that we can now submit our website to this search engine through a sitemap.

Follow the process to submit your website in Yandex:

Go to the Yandex.Webmaster

Login with your account(if you don't have, create one)
Enter your website URL and click on Add

Verify Your website by adding a Meta Tag just before the </head>
Copy the meta tag and place it before the </head>.

After that click on the Check button to verify

Once you have successfully verified your website on Yandex webmaster,
you can access all the features of it.

After all these settings, your website will be submitted to all these search engines, due to which you will start getting organic traffic.
If you encounter some problems in doing these settings then you can talk to me in the comment box,
I will help you

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