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In this post, I will tell you How you can create a campaign Bidvertiser?
By the way, before making a campaign at Bidvertiser,
let me tell you what is the Bidvertiser?

Bidvertiser is an advertising platform like Google ads, Facebook ads, and Bing ads.
You can also generate revenue from Bidvertiser as it is also a publishing platform.
So you can generate revenue through your website by placing ads on your website,
I have already written a post on this topic, in that post, I have told what is the Bidvertiser and how does it work?
Click here to know How to earn money through Bidvertiser?

It is also good to run a campaign on the Bidvertiser because it is much cheaper and better than all other platforms.

If we talk about its comparison, then You will know yourself that it generates traffic and leads in very less money, as well as the conversion rate of Bidvertiser is very high,
By advertising on Bidvertiser means, you will be able to generate a lot of leads, 
also, you can know your detailed audience via various methods available on Bidvertiser.

➤ I have given some ad formats below through which you can promote:

  • Native ads
  • Push notifications ads
  • Direct navigation ads
  • Pop-under ads
  • XML format

Also, the minimum bid of its campion is also very low which is updated daily.
If we take an example of India, then India's minimum bid is 0.00300.
This is really very low and in this way, you can promote any of your things with very little money.

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➤ Below I have given some examples of how you can use Bidvertiser properly:

  1. You can promote your website in any country at a very low cost and you can receive high-quality traffic from it.
  2. If you do affiliate marketing, you can promote your affiliate products,
  3. You can choose your favorite audience by Country, Browser, operating system, and keywords.
  4. I can tell you one thing is that the conversion rate of Bidvertiser is very high.
  5. You can use it to sell your products.

➤ How to create a successful campaign on Bidvertiser?

For a successful campaign, it is very important for us to keep a few things in mind while making a campaign like:

  1. Age Group
  2. Gender
  3. Promotion Category
  4. Country
  5. Keywords related to your products

Meaning if you did not select your audience properly then you could not generate any lead.
As a result, you will not be able to generate any leads even after spending money.
Therefore, before creating a campaign, select the audience well, and only then promote your website or an affiliate product.

➤ Follow the steps to create a Bidvertiser campaign.

Sometimes we create a campaign but we get this error,

When we click on the error a pop-up window will open

And we don't understand how to fix it.
You can do it right with my methods.

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1. Click on Create Campaign Register as an advertiser.
Fill the form to complete the Registration Process

2. After Successful Registration Click on Create Campaign

3. Now Select your Ad Type

4. Select your Preferred country in which you want to show your ads.

5. Select your Audience Targeting you will get two options here:

  1. RON(Run Of Network)
  2. Contextual Targeting(in this option you can target your audience by keywords or category)

6. Select your bid
You can run Bid Analyzer to an automatic bid selection.

7. Now Finally Enter your ad details to Create a successful campaign 

Click on Next to submit your ad for review.
They will review your ad and after 2 to 4 hours they will approve your ad.
and you will start receiving hits to your website which you have given in the ad.

Missing Campaign Tracking?

If you get this error
edit your ad

Click on URL macros
Select any one as per your traffic targeting.
Place it at the end of the URL
Click on Update...

I hope this detailed info will help you.

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