My WhatsApp Number is Banned | What is the Solution?

My WhatsApp Number is Banned | What is the Solution?

If your WhatsApp account has been banned
Or if you have been banned due to some mistake, then how can you unban your WhatsApp number?

WhatsApp is a messaging service that allows us to chat for free, because of this chat application we can send audio and video files and can also call for free, but there are some terms and conditions of using it which we have to follow.
It is very important for us, if we ignore these terms and conditions or break any of its policies, then our WhatsApp number will be banned,
So we have to use this application within its policies/terms and conditions

Now let me tell you what are the reasons why WhatsApp can ban your number?

  1. Continuously messaging people who are not in your contact list
  2. Continually sending forwarded messages to many people
  3. Spamming people
  4. Using a WhatsApp account in a 3rd party application (eg GB WhatsApp) instead of WhatsApp application
  5. Sending promotional messages/links in multiple groups continuously

Above I have given some reasons why your WhatsApp account can be banned, but there is also a reason that if you are constantly messaging on another unknown number and if those people have reported your number to WhatsApp,
then there are chances that WhatsApp will ban your number.
So these are all reasons because of which WhatsApp can ban your account.

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Things to Remember while using WhatsApp

I am telling you all some ways that you will know what you have to keep in mind while using WhatsApp?
So that your WhatsApp number will not ban in the future.

  1. Do not spread misleading information
  2. Do not forward such Video and Audio voice recordings in which a particular religion has been misinformed.
  3. Avoid chatting on multiple unknown numbers simultaneously
  4. Do not send website links to multiple groups at once
  5. Use only the official application of WhatsApp and always download it from Google Play Store.

You can always keep your Whatsapp number active by using the measures mentioned above.

What can I do If WhatsApp Banned My Number? How to unban My Number?

If Whatsapp has banned your number, then you will be automatically logout from WhatsApp application and upon registering again
You will get this error

It completely depends on WhatsApp that WhatsApp will unblock your number or not.
Or you have broken the policy of WhatsApp, (you would know better)
However, there are some steps that you can follow to appeal to WhatsApp

When you get an error message about logout from WhatsApp and you cannot register again, click on Support.
the support screen looks like thisπŸ‘‡

Here you can tell them your problem about your WhatsApp number ban
or you can write this
I didn't breach any policies of WhatsApp, Maybe my number is banned by mistake, Kindly look into it
Whatsapp is a great messaging platform and offers many features.
I love using WhatsApp.
Send the above line only if you think your number banned by mistake.

Click on Next and it will bring to you on Gmail
Send your email and wait for at least 1 working day so that they can respond.
Their responded  email look like this,

If they found your number is banned by mistake they will revoke all the restrictions and you can use your number again,
but if they found any mistake of you the ban will remain forever on your number.

Now you have to create a new WhatsApp account with your new number.

I hope it will help you, share with your friends
do comments, and share your experience.😊

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