Why DuckDuckGo isn't Working in India?

Why DuckDuckGo isn't Working in India? 

There are many internet users who are currently unable to use Duck Duck Go browser/search engine.
This problem is coming from the last few months, in which users are not able to access the Duck Duck Go search engine.
Whenever users search a query in Duck Duck Go Search Engine, they get to see this web page.

What is the reason behind it?

Recently, in India, the government has banned 59 Chinese applications such as TikTok, Shareit, UC browser and we are seeing the effect of this ban in the Duck Duck Go browser as well.
Due to this ban, users are unable to access US-based Duck Duck Go popular search engine.
Here you can know more about the Chinese application ban and their alternatives.

If we talk about the report, some users had complained on Twitter that they are having problems using Duck Duck Go search engine.
And some users have complained that when they access the Duck Duck Go search engine, they get the error, "This website has been blocked in compliance with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)."
This issue is happening from June 30.

After the Chinese application was banned, the Duck Duck Go search engine was not accessible with almost all telecom operators like idea Vodafone, Airtel and Jio,
Later some operators made it unban.

This is what Duckduck Go says

After a lot of complaints, DuckDuck Go said "we have come to know about this problem and we are working on it"
Our search engine in India is unreachable and this fault is not from us, and we are in constant touch with internet providers to revise it as soon as possible.

What the Government says?

At present, there is no official statement from the Department of Telecommunications that it has ordered to block the DuckDuck Go search engine (which is specially designed keeping the user's privacy in mind).

Temporary solution

If you are still having trouble accessing DuckDuck Go,
then you can access it with VPN help.

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