How To Fix XML Parsing Error In Blogger? "Error XML Message Fixed"

How To Fix XML Parsing Error In Blogger? 

Are you uploading a theme in Blogger and you are getting some such error message?

"We were unable to save your theme.
Your theme could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
Content is not allowed in prolog."


"The value of attribute "content" associated with an element type "meta" must not contain the '<' character."


"Error parsing XML, line 40, column 7: The string "--" is not permitted within comments."

These are some examples of errors when you upload a custom theme in Blogger.
If you get this error or any other error while uploading a custom theme, then you can solve it easily.

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Now let's talk about why this error occurs?

Mostly this error comes with single page scripts.
For example, when we try to upload a wishing script in Blogger, we get this error.
Or when there is a code error in our script.
Then we face such error.

How to fix these errors?

If you know the programming language, then you can easily fix it,
but if you have zero(0) knowledge of programming language, you can still fix it.
There are two ways to upload a custom theme to Blogger,


  • Open Blogger
  • Click on theme> Backup/Restore
  • Choose your custom file(XML file) to upload
  • Wait for the few seconds to upload.


  • Open Blogger
  • Click on theme >Edit HTML
  • Ctrl+A to select all the code and remove all code
  • Now paste your custom theme code here
  • Click on Save.

If the error persists even after doing both these steps, So you follow my given steps to fix it in Blogger.

👉Open Blogger
👉Click on theme
👉Scroll down until you find the Revert to classic themes option

👉Click on Revert to classic theme
👉Paste your script code here and click on Save theme

That's all.

In this way, you can fix theme code errors coming in Blogger.
If you have any problem in implementing it, then you can comment and tell me.

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