How To Recover/Retrieve Easy File Locker Password?

How To Recover/Retrieve Easy File Locker Password?

In today's digital era, we all want to hide our private files, and we also hide them.
We all use a few software to hide or lock our private files (photo, video, audio, doc).
This software protects our files from other people. But sometimes this software becomes a problem for us.
Like after we lock our files, we forget the password of this software.
And as a result, we are unable to access our private files again.
That is why we should choose any file locker very carefully. I am going to tell you about one such software whose name is EASY FILE LOCKER (EFL).


Easy File Locker is a very powerful file locking software. With the help of which you can lock your private files in a very simple way.
There will be many features in it, with the help of which you can define the access to your file or folder.
It works on the Windows operating system.
Click below to download it, it is completely free and safe.

Download Easy File Locker 32-bit version (Latest)

Download Easy File Locker 64-bit version (Latest)

How To Reset Easy File Locker Password?

If you have locked all your important files and you have forgotten their password then you do not have to worry.
Because I am going to tell you how you can reset the password of Easy File Locker and create a new password.
The security system of Easy File Locker is so good that even if you try to uninstall it, it will still ask for your password, without the password you can not remove this software.

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How can I recover my Easy File Locker password?

To retrieve the password you follow my given steps.

Open My Computer
Goto this directory C:\Users\Public\Documents
Here you will find a folder named EFL

Open the Folder
The EFL Folder contains 4 files

Now delete all the 4 files

After deleting all the files now Run the EFL.EXE setup again
(when you delete the EFL folder files the hidden folders/files might be visible in their location)
When the software installs successfully, open it, and set a new password and hide your folders/files again.

In this way, you can easily Recover/Retrieve the lost password of EASY FILE LOCKER.

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