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1. How to Clear All Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows?

Event Viewer in windows is a tool that displays detailed information as event logs about significant events on your PC.
Event logs are special files that record significant events on your PC, like when a user signs in to the PC or when an app encounters a mistake/error.
Whenever these sorts of events occur,

2. How To Recover Your Deleted Files 2020?

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file on your computer, removed a file from your jump drive, or maybe formatted a camera memory card?
or even you can’t find your music collection after a system crash or a malware infection compromised your hard drive?

3. Delete Your Files Permanently? So No One Can Recover It

Deleted files can often be recovered by using a professional data recovery tool, and that's a problem when you're passing your PC or PC-related tech along to someone else.
Whether it's sensitive financial data, business documents, or scandalous photos that would be wont to blackmail you.

4. Latest Trick To Make A Funny Virus Using Notepad

Notepad is the Microsoft Windows text editor.
It is often used for viewing system files or once you view the source of an internet page.This How-To Article shows you ways to access Notepad and
Also, you can make viruses(Dangerous and Funny) with it.

5. Enable 'God Mode' Folder in Windows 10

What if Windows allows you to quickly access administrative tools, backup and restore options, and other important management settings from one window?
Yes, this is possible by enabling "God mode" in Windows 10.
Are you a power user who wants access to your PC's Features in no time Read More...

6. How To Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Errors?

If you're getting a blue screen on your PC, during this guide, we'll assist you to troubleshoot and quickly fix the difficulty on Windows 10. Getting a blue screen of death is bad.
But with it, a minimum of your computer will tell you that there’s something wrong.

7. How to save any Web Page as PDF in Google Chrome without any Extension?

Sometimes we need to download pdf files while we are browsing the web, and if we want to save the whole web page for future reference...
Just in case you have to access the web page in offline mode.
or maybe we need to print that web page if we need it.
In this tutorial I will show you that how can you guys can save a whole web page as pdf in google chrome with no extra extensions

8. What is YourPhone.exe process in Windows 10? How to Remove it?

Now if you see “YourPhone.exe” within the Task Manager and are wondering if it's an epidemic, then don’t worry about it.
It is not a virus.
You can find the path to the app is :

9. How To Access Android SD Card In Computer Via Wi-Fi

Today I will tell you that how can we access our SD card on the computer with the help of Wi-Fi.
Sometimes we want to transfer our data like songs, movies, files and much more to our computer but this takes so much time,
well, this trick will transfer all of your data in no time between your mobile and computer.

10. How To Access Your Gmail Account In Outlook?

This new setup experience for Gmail and Outlook is going to be enabled for Outlook for Microsoft 365 customers slowly over the subsequent several weeks. If you do not see the precise screens shown here, see the subject Add an email account to Outlook for email setup instructions.

11. How To Add Subtitle File To VLC Media Player

Do you love to watch movies on PC more than anything?
Do you wish to watch movies in languages that you simply don't understand?
However, you're unable to know the movie because it doesn't have subtitles?

12. How To Use Pendrive  As Ram(2020) RAM Booster?

We perform/open many tasks on our laptop at an equivalent and each task needs Memory to perform.
For exp. You are browsing the internet and at an equivalent time, you're listing song also...
once you go to open many other tasks you would like more memory,

13. How To Make a Bootable Windows DVD? With Power ISO

Here we find out how to form a bootable Windows DVD?
So here is a tutorial to make a Bootable DVD
Please Follow the Steps..
Here is the Exp. of Windows 10.
Step 1- Go to the folder where is your windows 10 files located in your Computer..

14. Convert Your PC or Laptop Into Portable Hotspot Via CMD

How turn on the Hotspot on the computer or laptop?
Do you know?
You can make Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot via your Laptop...
It is a little bit typical than mobile you have to run a few commands in the CMD.

15. How To Shutdown a Pc or Remote PC Via CMD(Command Prompt)

We all are shutdown our computers using the facility button given within the Start menu.
Few people use the physical power button on our CPU's.
Very few people actually use other means of shutting down a computer like a command prompt to shut down a computer.

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