1. SEO Basics: A beginner Guide How SEO Works?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization, which is the practice of accelerating the number and quality of traffic to your website through organic program results.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing 

There are ways in which you'll drive traffic to your website and truly churn a profit as long as you understand a number of the basics behind just how traffic works.
We're talking about things like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and so on and so forth.

Every visitor’s computer is tied up with an IP address that indicates its specific location. 
The first three number of an IP address Identifies the specific country/region code, and rest of the succeeding digits refers to specific areas within that domain.

It is very important for us to do better SEO for our blogger( because if we do not set our blogger's SEO settings properly then our blog or website cannot be indexed in Google.
Due to this most of our blog traffic Could not come because of

The best way to receive traffic is through search engines whether it is Google, Bing,, or any other search engine.
The traffic received by the search engine is considered to be of the best quality,

6. How To Submit Your Website or URL To Search Engine? | Yandex and Bing Search

Hello friends, How to submit your website to various search engines?
This is the second post of this series, in the first post I told you how you can submit your website to Google search engine.

7. What is Sitemap in Website? How To Create A Sitemap?

Friends, if we separate the site and map, it means that a map of a site means a map of a website.
Let me explain in a little more simple words like I just said a map of a website.Read More...

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