WhatsApp Tricks

1. My WhatsApp Number is Banned | What is the Solution?

If your WhatsApp account has been banned
Or if you have been banned due to some mistake, then how can you unban your WhatsApp number?
It is very important for us if we ignore these terms and conditions

2. How To Create Fake WhatsApp Account? Full Guide

Hello friends, Welcome to Tech Wala Dost,
So as the title of this post is, How to create a fake WhatsApp account with any other number?
You will find many such articles on the Internet but there are many of them whose tricks do not work or you fail to create a fake WhatsApp account in some way.

3. Change Your Friends Profile Picture on WhatsApp

Today I'll tell you that How are you able to change your friend's profile pic on WhatsApp?
You Guys are thinking that how it's possible?
It seems the impossible thing that I am telling you.

4. How To Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving The Number

Ever wondered that you could send a WhatsApp msg to A number without saving it in your contact list.
Sometimes we need to send one-time msg to a stranger or someone whom number we do not want to add in our contact list...

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